Safemart is NOT a safe choice for saving money


Thinking of switching from ADT to Safemart alarm intrusion monitoring company? As of May 2013, SafeMart's "draw you in" offer of $19.99/month requires one to first purchase the needed equipment for $279, plus another $39 for the mandatory upgrade to "Simon XTi" hardware.

Moreover, they do not work with preexisting equipment from companies such as ADT, despite their agressive campaign (including videos) against ADT.

While SafeMart boasts a "no contract" disclaimer, what other competitors will work with safemart's equipment, once someone decides to leave safemart?!

Further research appears to reveal that safemart is a mere middle-man. For example, the hardware is not their (eg: "crash & smash" PR nonesense is from and their monitoring services are actually provided by

In my opinion, there doesn't appear to be any major differences in the end solution, in comparison with big players such as ADT, if you take into consideration the aforementioned up-front costs that safemart requires in order to lock in the cheap $19.99/month rate. For example: 19.99 x 12 months = $239.88. Adding in the original up-front hardware cost of $279 + $39 + 49 activation feed, your first year with safemart will cost you a whopping $606.88. Compare that to ADT whose typical monthly cost for a monitored system with a maximum quantity of door/window sensors and motion detectors plus a smoke sensor is $35/month ... which is $420/year.

My point is simply: Don't fall for the "new customer" traps that safemart and other companies use to lure you in. Proof, again, is their "specials" page as of today which lists service plans ranging from $20 - $50 per month. This is despite their video campaign against ADT where, in the video, they show a calculator adding up $35 for every month ... when their services exceed that amount.

Review about: Safemart Wireless Intrusion Protection System.



Comparing apples to apples there pal.Most locally ran alarm companies will monitor your ADT systems at half price.

We're in San Diego and we monitor any ADT system for 1/2 price and never raise the fees.Next time check local alarm companies like ours, or any local in your city.


Question ..


was this written by a real consumer or a competitor?I can't tell.


I've been a consumer and investigative reporter on local and national television for about 30 years. Nobody is paying me to write this but as I have just dealt with many different companies in the alarm industry, it became clear it's a snake pit, by and large. I don't know why I haven't aired an investigative report long ago.

Anyway, here's the quick and direct response to the complaint posted here: There is no free lunch. You will either pay up front (the model SafeMart follows), or you'll get "free" equipment that you're really paying for by being locked into a contract of three years or more for monitoring services at inflated prices. Do the math: $49.95 a month for 36 months = about $1,800!

Look at ADT and Vivent and the other leading providers here on this website. Look how many unhappy customers you see. Compare that with SafeMart (and a handful of others). I believe I saved some money--and the savings will mount up the longer I use the lower-priced monitoring--but I am certain I will get more flexibility and better service. Doesn't it make sense to deal with a company that doesn't lock you in and has little incentive to provide good service (since you can't leave them anyway)? With SafeMart, if they can't cut it, you can cut loose and go elsewhere! Doesn't that alone speaks volumes for incentive to provide what you are paying for?

ADT sold me a system to protect my home in the mountains but it turns out to be unreliable. (They use only ATT cell links from the home to the central office and in many places, ATT cell service sucks!) SafeMart will use Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, usually Verizon which is demonstrably the best cell network in the nation. Even here in the mountains I get 4 bars--enough to even power internet on my laptop! Reliability is why I started looking for someone over ADT which just couldn't deliver.

If anyone is interested, I'll post a follow-up when the SafeMart equipment arrives this coming week, I hook it up and start using it. But remember, this entire industry is loaded with false promises, broken consumer protection laws, and predatory practices. When you shop, be very, very afraid...and most important: be even more skeptical!


I visited the advertisement mentioned and you were correct in your math.It would cost a large amount of money to replace all of my existing equipment that was originally installed by Brinks, in order to switch to Safemart.

It just doesn't seem cost-effective to go with Safemart at this time.

Moreover, all of their equipment (motion sensors and all) are WIRELESS which likely means they have the potential to be blocked, hacked or bypassed.I'll stick with my hardwired home alarm solution for now.

to Tatiana Maslany #652460

Dear Anonymous,

First, thank you for the feedback, we take every compliment and complaint seriously and are always evaluating our business so that we can continue to improve for our customers.

Many traditional home security companies (ADT is one example) advertise free installation but the customer must sign a 3 to 5 year contract, agree to a higher monthly rate (usually around $50) and pass a credit check in order to qualify for the free installation.

When Chris Johnson, former paramedic, founded SafeMart, we decided that we didn't want to follow the traditional model. Instead, we decided to

1) Offer a short 12-month contract;

2) Not require a credit check; and

3) Sell equipment that the customer owns so they can change monitoring companies at any time if they aren't 100% satisfied with our service.

In other words, we eliminated the binding contract and put the responsibility on our team to deliver great service to keep our customers–something we believe strongly in.

The only way to offer a short contract with low monthly rates (starting at $19.95) and not require a credit check is to ask the customer to pay a fair price for the equipment upfront–the upside to paying for your equipment upfront is that you can change the monitoring company at anytime because you own your equipment.

There are a few facts that we'd like to address as well:

1) We work with pre-existing equipment from all different manufacturers and companies. If the previous company will not let them out of their contract or intentionally locks them out of their system,[ ]

2) Hundreds of companies around the country work with our equipment so customers have many options if we aren't delivering fantastic service.

3) is a partner of ours and we are proud to provide their patented Crash & Smash technology to tens of thousands of customers around the country. Crash & Smash makes sure that an emergency signal makes it to the monitoring station even if the burglar smashes the alarm panel.

4) CMS ( is a world-class organization and the largest alarm monitoring company in the country. We are proud to call them a partner. With CMS we have 3 redundant monitoring centers that make sure our customers are monitored 24/7.

Over the life of an average home security system, our customers will save hundreds because of our low monthly rates, free technical support, fair equipment pricing and our short, no-hassle contract. In addition to saving customers money, we provide the best customer service in the industry because we are protecting what is priceless to our customers and it's important to us that we treat those customers like we'd treat our own family members.

Thanks again for the feedback and hopefully we've helped clarify some of your issues.

to SafeMart #652635

Read the Safemart reply.I install alarm systems for a living.

The alarm panels from all of the various systems I've installed do not make the call. Calls are initiated from the circuit board which is typically installed in a hidden place within the home ...

and nowhere near the user panel.Crash & Smash is a marketing scam and nothing more.

to Crash and Smash nonsense #780354

The difference with the safemart panel made by simon is that the system is a cellular data driven panel their is no call.Instead it uses a gsm / cellular network to send a data burst saying the alarm is armed but triggered.

After its disarmed it sends a disarmed command. No disarm command before the timer runs out means the system has been disabled.

Compare that to a land line system which will pick the phone up and dial provided the phone line hasn't been cut and your sol.

just saying

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